Head ties Gèlè

Head ties Gele


History and background


A Gele is a flat piece of fabric with plain or bold patterns. Usually made of 100% cotton material, a lady can wrap it rasta style as it is normally wide enough. It has to be said though that the Gele has its roots in the Yoruba tribe in Western Nigeria. Other cultures in Africa now of course embrace it.


Head ties Gele – an art


What is the simplest and most elegant way to avoid spoiling a look, without ensuring the cold due to the thermal excursion? So if you have a summer dress and after dinner you need to step out, what do you do? The answer is: take out your own head ties gele or similar!

However, to do it with class, you need to know how to tie head ties gele! A garment you want to invest in, head ties, gele can become a refined fabric, bit hippie and much more!

Above all

Head ties gele are usually made of a material that is firmer than regular cloth. When worn, especially for more elaborate events, the gele typically covers a woman’s entire hair as well as her ears



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