Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Earphone technology has come a long way since the days of the first Walkman®. It can be hard to know where to start when looking to invest in a set of earphones. Is noise cancellation important? What is electrostatic technology? And just how many drivers do you really need anyway

Understanding Earphone Technology

Earphone technology originated as an onstage monitoring solution for high-end performers. These “in-ear” earphones have become a common sight on everyone from gardeners to executives. The explosion in popularity has been accompanied by numerous technological developments.

Auto Wearing Detection

Infrared sensor can sense when the earbuds are in your ears and when you take them out.

True Wireless Experience

After a simple Bluetooth® pairing, they will connect automatically once you open the case. You can then listen to music or make phone calls when wearing them.

Crystal Clear Voice

Wireless bluetooth earphone adopts ENC technology & 4 mics to improve your voice quality. This ensures crystal clear conversations.

Above all, it is fit and secure. In-built capability for daily water & sweat resistance as well as 10 hours playtime.

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