Hoodies with zippers

Hoodies with zippers

A buyer’s review

Precisely in these days of first cold days, hoodies came back strongly to the fore in their reassuring warmth and comfort. Sweatshirts are the true everyday garment par excellence. They are comfortable. They can have the same expressive freedom as the nerd shirts that we have worn so much in the summer.

Unisex hoodies

Every unisex hoodie on Amolese features a drawcord for a stylish retro look; it is extremely comfortable, long lasting and durable. Most women prefer to order a size down.

Casual, comfortable, warm hoodies and sweatshirts

Even if these were just the reasons that brought the hoodie back to the limelight, for many owners they would be more than enough. Yves Saint Laurent once said “I often said that I wanted to invent blue jeans: the most spectacular, most practical, most relaxing and informal item. Jeans have expressiveness, sex appeal, simplicity – all that I hope for in my clothes “.


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